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We have compared a system generated Jatai and Ghanam for Rudram and Chamakam. These revised documents will be loaded with minor corrections.
Pada Paatam revision is continuing for kANDam 5. We shall be loading TS 5.2 Pada Paatam shortly.
We are revising Siva-Stuti Book. We welcome corrections from Users of this book. Since the Book is very vast it will take 3/4 months to come up with the revised version.

Revision of Gana Maala will take quite sometime as we are updating our learnings from SikshA material. Meaningful feedback from learners is most welcome.
Please do not ask for printed books or books through e-mail.
We have loaded what all we have.
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Many tend to ask for books which are already available in site without proper search. 

1. MahAnyAsam, Rudra Kramam, Chamaka Kramam are part of Siva Stuti Book. Our mahAnyAsam is as per BodhAyana Sutra and we have not compiled what is popularly known as "Kumbhakonam mahAnyAsam". 

2. Aruna praSnam (Surya namaskaram) is a part of TaittirIyOpanishad book 

3. Don't search based on a specific topic, see the index of books in the first section "Vedic Books by Subject" without downloading
4. NA indicated against a link means it is Not Active

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