1.1 Introduction

We are a group of working professionals who are collaborating to prepare/compile Veda Books on specific subjects/areas and also provide articles and discussion papers of interest to Veda Students. We are geographically distributed across many locations. We would like to help Veda Students with materials and articles that would assist their learning. There are many basics that we have learned long after we started learning Veda. We had always wished “oh I should have known this before” !!

The Members of this Veda VMS Group as a policy have decided against use of any individual names of its members in any documents. Sharing of individual e-mail ids or phone numbers shall be only made on a need basis.

1.2 Purpose

The amount of material that is available over the internet and the efforts that are being put in by various people/organizations are amazing. The amount of material available in Sanskrit is great. We started with a specific subject of recital of Shanti Japam and there are no specific books which are available to chant the same in that specific order. We find that many sites that give only Suktams. Some publish the whole Samhita which a learner may not use or may not require directly.

There was also a need for compiling books in Tamil and Malayalam Languages (based on our Group). Standard books on Vedas are not reader- friendly sometimes in terms of font, splitting of words, page-break for a mantra etc. Printed books have errors that are not corrected through a formalised correction mechanism.

We decided that
1. We shall compile books from reliable sources in Sanskrit, Tamil and Malayalam.
2. Reader friendliness should be provided high priority.
3. Our books shall be popular version of books for learning and reference to students.
4. There should be a formal method of incorporating corrections. Keep updating our versions of the compiled books and articles/discussion papers.
5. There are Paata bhedham (differences) which we must recognise
6. We should not have a mind-set that what our Guru teaches is the only school of Veda and that is the only right way. Respect all Gurus and their Schools but stick to one main source for compilation.
7. We should explain the basics of Veda, Veda Recital rules and related topics so that there is intelligence in the learning and there is no rote learning.
Our books are not meant for Self learning. Please always refer to your Veda Guru or seniors as to how to pronounce and deliver the various mantras.

1.3 Our Approach

1. We shall take one subject/book at a time and complete the same before moving to another subject.
2. Books shall be proof read in all languages atleast twice after the book is completed through two different persons
3. We are not committed to any timelines regarding compilation of our future work.
4. We shall have feedback mechanism to receive corrections and incorporate the same after necessary verification. The list of errors observed in earlier versions shall be communicated so that the students remain updated.
5. There is no bar for any student or well wisher to sharing our work with anyone else or providing link from any other site.
6. The materials compiled and published should not be commercially used either directly or indirectly by anyone.

1.4 Our Acknowledgements

We would like to thank all well wishers and readers who have sent in words of encouragement to us. Our thanks to some Vadhyaars (Priests), Gurus, Senior Veda learners for continuous guidance and support. Our special thanks to the sponsors of the site www.vedavms.in and its Administrator.

1.5 Interactions

1. We request you to contact us through the e-mail id: vedavms@gmail.com
2. You can share your feedback, ask for reference, clarifications and report errors through the above e-mail id or through the form being designed in the Website.
3. We shall create a circle in Google to share information about releases, activities and status that you may require.
4. Please bear with us if there are delays in responding to your requests. There are times when our members are hard pressed for time due to their professional work and commitments.