Kindly note-

VedaVMS Group Members have been maintaining the site, purchasing books, contributing to some Vedic Pandits in need and Veda PaataSalas with their own means.   Now We feel the need for some contributions to help a sincere volunteer and his family. 

A youth, hailing from a lower-middle class family based at Madurai, has been volunteering the work of sound, video editing, mixing and final rendering of Videos, once audio files are sent to him and he also manages the Channel VedaVMS in Youtube. He is not on any regular job. He needs to compensated fairly for his tremendous efforts and long hours of work.
We request well wishers, patrons and Veda learners to contribute voluntarily possible amounts to him. 

The Contributions may be directly sent to his Bank Account and interested patrons/well-wishers may contact us at to get his payment id. 
These Contributions will also be used to upgrade his technical systems, which require significant improvements, over a period of time. 
Thanks in anticipation of your generosity.
VedaVMS Team