Lecture Series on Veda Topics

Dear Patrons and Well wishers, 
All these videos have been released & managed by Aaladi Chavadi Channel (You Tube) for Vedavms at no cost. These have been made with low cost technology with lot of efforts. For example to get lighting better, the speaker has to be close of two high-watt bulbs with no fan to avoid extra sounds.  The editing time for the release of each video has been long and laborious and we would like to appreciate the great efforts put in by Aaladi Chavadi Team. Some of the initial videos are little longer and with experience we are trying to break the Videos to a logical time limit of 10-12 minutes. 
We are continually striving to improve the quality and content. Initially all these Videos will be released in Tamil language only. We will strive to release these with English Audio in future. 
We look forward to your continuous support. Kindly Subscribe to the Channel.We plan to cover all Veda Articles in our Site over a period of time to help Veda learners at various stages of learning. Kindly provide feedback through the Comments in You-Tube or write to vedavms@gmail.com.
Veda VMS Team